About Me

Hi! My name is Jaime Renée. I’m a software engineer by day, crunching code, and smashing keyboards. Otherwise, I’m a writer, and a gamer. I stream on Twitch occasionally, usually playing Pokémon TCGO or showing off my writing sessions.


I’m currently working on a book called Ray of Sunshine, part of a trilogy known as The Oblivion Singularity Saga. It follows a world where a blast from space has crippled technology, and people begin developing supernatural abilities. The first book follows a cowardly drifter who gets teamed up with a young girl who can control light to save super powered children from a black market. It’s something I’ve been working on for four years! I’m going to try and blog my progress as much as I can.


In my free time, I like to longboard around the neighborhood, and play card games with friends. (Though, the pandemic has decreased the opportunities I have to do that!) I also enjoy reading, mainly sci-fi, but also a lot of comic books. I have a huge soft spot for The Flash. You can see a lot of inspiration from the things I read in my work. I also play Pokémon TCGO, beating people butts, but I’m also a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe speed-runner, and have been known to stream everything from Minecraft to Overwatch.


I’ve been working in DevOps and engineering since 2015, shortly after graduating with a degree in Filmmaking (I know, right?) I’ve worked for companies like Barnes & Noble College, Billtrust, Amazon Web Services, and currently work at a cyber security company. My specialties as a programmer are Javascript, Python, React (LOVE Next.js), and deployment strategies. I’m a specialist in containerization, including Kubernetes, and love automating everything. Automation is my favorite thing about my job.

Writing for you!

I am also always looking for opportunities to write about my life as a trans woman. If you have a publication or website that is in need of writers from a trans perspective, I’ve been a transition coach for over a decade, and have a lot of in-depth perspective on the trans experience. I completed my transition on Dec 22nd, 2020. You can view my transition story here. Feel free to contact me from my contact page for any writing opportunities. I can provide writing samples, but feel free to drop in on my writing Twitch streams.

Thanks for your interest in my life and career, and have a fabulous day!